How Does Native Music Help Farmers In Bush Food Production?


Music is the means to receive inner peace and break from all the stress and tiredness piled up after a long day’s hard work. Music is also one of the psychotherapy treatments. Music has been a significant factor in treating patients and getting them out of depression. It stabilizes the frequency of brain wave activity, helps with concentration, and maintains the cognitive functions of the brain.

Music has many uses in every field one can think whether it is an extracurricular activity, for a party or leisure period, or even as a tool used for agriculture. What you have heard or read is right. Native music acts as an agricultural tool in the production process of Australian native bush foods as well. Let us look into the process and benefits of music in the field of bush food production.

 music help farmer of bushfood

How Does Native Music Help In The Growing Of Bush Foods?

Native bush foods are well known globally for their medicinal benefits and are used for the making of native jams, plum cushion covers, etc. Native farmers work all day to grow bush foods without any chemicals or other components for quick growth. Native music helps the farmers stay calm and concentrated and yields a good harvest. The way native music helps in the production of bush foods include:

  • Hold Onto Traditional Roots And Knowledge:

Bush food is undoubtedly one of the major natural resources to the Australian indigenous people. It also has cultural value which not only the indigenous people but all Australians can be proud of.

The native and traditional music has some tricks and logics hidden in it. It is especially the case of the indigenous people who are more into nature and the music infuses knowledge of nature in their minds.

These ancient songs have lyrics which contains knowledge that helps them deal with natural phenomena or disasters or the movement patterns of the animals. The lyrics contain places where fertile land, sources of water and food can be traced alongside ways to survive in harsh times. These beautiful songs are passed from generations to generations.

  • Helps From Stress and Bad Mood:

If we look from the scientific point of view then music helps to activate the dopamine in the brain. The dopamine in the brain helps in controlling the emotions and this in return helps the farmer feel positive all day long. As a result, they can be more focused on their work and the time will be used efficiently as well.

  • Better Communication Among Communities:

Music while harvesting is an old and traditional custom. You can also refer to this as a ritual also. These types of music can bring people together to celebrate festivals and communal ceremonies and helps people keep in touch with their own society.

  • Good Medium For Boosting:

Alongside good cognitive functions music also helps to boost the energy level and motivation of the farmers. Alongside dopamine music also helps to activate the adrenaline that energizes the farmers to harvest more foods.

Advantages Of Music For The Bush Foods:

  1. If we talk about facts then plant is also living and according to studies and research it has been proved that the plants do respond to music and it can stimulate the growth rate of the plant. The regular and rhythm and soothing melody of the music does help the plants to be relaxed.
  2. Plant ruining pests are more responsive to sounds and playing music will distract them from ruining the crops and this in turn also prevents plant disease as well.


Music and native bush foods both act as medicinal miracles in this era of unhealthy lifestyle. Not only music encourages the growth of bush foods but also encourages people to understand and hold onto their origin.


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