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A Little Words About Us

What is Mad Love Records

Mad Love Records is an online music school working to teach piano, guitar, drum kit and music theory in classical, jazz, pop, rock and blues. We share video tutorials and supplementary files in worksheets, music sheet, chord charts and audio backing tracks.

Learning music in online is easier and efficient. You can start whenever you want even at midnight is not a problem for you to start. And better yet, you can watch lessons on your phone, or your tablet—just as mobile as you can imagine.



A Music Institute Like No Other

We dedicatedly control the quality of our programs. The content, image and audio quality, style and everything. So, you are getting the best quality lessons.

We believe, having a goal is important. We closely set a clear goal for each particular lesson. For every particular lessons and program we set a top-notch benchmark for you to work towards. It is all about motivation and passion.

Meet Our Team

Michael D. Walker
Classical Piano Lecturer
July Roberts
Pop Piano Lecturer
Yui Ishihara
Jazz Piano Lecturer
Jonathan Dean
Blues Piano Lecturer

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