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"The journey of music learning program is absolutely amazing. You can't believe yourself how much I have learned in the last 10 months on the piano. Now I look forward to continuing to work through the different kinds of music learning courses."

Piano Lessons
For All Level



If you are a new piano player, just don’t worry. I will walk you through the chords, note by note, will teach you four basic chords you need to know to get started.



We encourage you to join our intermediate piano learning program where we do regular free live advance piano lessons, teach fun tips and tricks and much more.



By the end of this particular course, you will learn how to find  advance notes on the piano, how to play the scales of popular songs with much fun and joy!

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Our Programs Are Tailored To Suit You

One To One

We start with basic music theory, correct posture and then move onto basic piano techniques, scales and chords.


Improve your classic piano playing through the study of works by great composers from the classical background.


Move onto the intermediate level, where we explore your Jazz piano learning with more complexity in texture, harmony and rhythms.


This course aims to teach a complete beginner in music, to play pop songs on the piano by reading a lead sheet.


Here you will find lessons on mostly non-classical piano pieces at different difficulty levels that will let you to play rock music.


You will be able to interpret simple melody lines on the score which will allow you to improvise with simple chords