Can Braces Affect Your Singing?

Orthodontic braces are an excellent way to position your teeth if they are crowded. They align them into a straight position enabling you to have a beautiful smile. But many singers worry if the braces will affect their singing. What do you think?

Your throat, mouth, teeth, and nose all affect the quality of your voice. With braces, projecting your voice or pronouncing certain words can be difficult. But the changes vary from one singer to another.

Will braces change your voice?

Braces may affect your resonance or diction if you are a singer. It depends on how much the braces are moving your teeth and the shape of your mouth. You can schedule a dental appointment using the orthodontic practice management software. It enables them to assess your needs and develop a treatment plan. Remember that the braces affect different singers differently depending on their conditions. You may have a tooth removed before the dentist installs the braces. Other singers may need a dental realignment before the installation of a brace. Thus, braces can only change your voice depending on the dentists’ work on you.

Will you sing well with braces?

Singers also ask how badly the braces will affect their singing voices. The braces may not affect your singing voice. What will affect it is the dental work that the dentist will do on you. For example, if the dentist alters your cavity space, your voice resonance will change. Also, braces that last for a long time to shift the teeth’ positioning affect the singing voice. But short-term bracing will not have any significant effects.

What leads to a change in singing voice?

Braces usually reduce space in the mouth resulting in a change in your tone and singing voice. When you are singing, sound rotates in your mouth and moves to your hard plate. It then moves to the soft plate where you produce it for people to hear. Thus, a change in the arch or length of the hard plate when a dentist installs braces alters your sound quality.

But you do not have to worry. You can book an appointment with your dentist and discuss the best way to go about it. They will offer you advice on how installing braces will impact your singing voice.

Using traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces will not affect the quality of your voice. But they will also take up space and altering how your mouth, cheeks, and tongue work. Primarily, the braces will affect your articulation after installation. But continuous mouth and cheek exercises will help improve the condition. In this case, singing is an excellent way to exercise the muscles, making them stronger.

Other than the traditional metal braces. Singers also prefer Invisalign braces. They are clear and easy to remove. The best part is that you can remove them when you want to sing and put them back when you are done. The challenge with Invisalign is that you need to wear them for not less than 22 hours daily. You also need to be very careful not to lose them when you remove them to sing.


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