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††††††††† 主宰レーベルMAD LOVE Recordsの立ち上げ第一弾となる12インチ・リリース! †††††††††

■RELEASE DATE:2016/7/12

岡山発、世界標準のニューカマーとして今最も注目される若手アーティストKEITA SANO。

Rett I Fletta、CRUE-L、Mister Saturday Night、Holic Trax、1080p、Let's Play Houseなど各国の名門レーベルからハイスピードなリリースを続け、
ドイツのBerghainとPanorama Barを含むワールドツアーの敢行、さらにRed Bull Music Academyへ日本代表として参加するなど、世界を舞台に躍進中のハウス/テクノ・プロデューサー、KEITA SANO。

自ら主宰するオルタナティブ・ダンス・ミュージック・レーベル MAD LOVE Records のローンチ第一弾作品として、自身の新作12インチを発表です。


MAD LOVE (12inch) by KEITA SANO.
The first ever mad love record 12inch will lease on July 12, 2017.
Mad Love Records is an alternative dance music label based in Japan created by Kita Sano and Gen Matsushita.

KEITA SANO is a remarkable young house/techno musician who has been releasing his works constantly on worldwide record labels such as a Rett I Fletta, CRUE-L, Mister Saturday Nigh, Holic Trax, 1080p and Let's Play House, etc... He has also performed at the Berghain\Panorama Bar (reincarnation of the legendary Ostgut club) in Berlin, Germany as a part of his world tour. SANO is from Okayama Japan and is a world standard mad love musician.

Today, We are proudly announcing the new album release by Keita Sano to celebrate the launch of our label!

Mad love's 12inch, A1 is masterpiece Afro House number, that begins with loops of primitive beats that bring mad glare to the track and has a freaky saxophone that has an addictive quality making your ears wanting more.
A2 pulls from Philly soul type of disco music but with contemporary context.
B1 is an occultic art psychedelic groove led by the audacious drum beat and thick and heavy baseline.
The last track is jazzy beatdown tune with a mellow chord progression.
This EP is all exclusive tracks and has a great destructive power filled with madness and love!

vinyl artwork by Misato Konishi from Okayama, japan.



Keita Sano


KEITA SANO / MAD LOVE(12inch record)

  2. Stick It in Hands
  3. My Sun Don't Never Go Down
  4. Night Over Feat Merk


Keita Sano

KEITA SANO is part of Japan’s new wave of music producers. The Okayama resident has been weaving his way through house, techno and electronica releases displaying an affinity to old school processes and vintage gear. With releases clocked up on Mister Saturday Night, 1080p, Lower Parts, Row, Strictly Groove Recordings, Enother Blessing, Holic Trax and Spring Theory he has shown his eclectic tastes and zany approach to music. For Sano making music is like keeping a diary, this year will see many more releases and his new live show.